Course Outlines

Core M.BINF. Courses

Term: Fall

Course Code Title
BINF*6210 Software Tools for Biological Data Analysis and Organization
BINF*6410 Bioinformatics Programming (recommended elective)
BINF*6890 Topics in Bioinformatics

Term: Winter

Course Code Title
BINF*6110 Genomic Methods for Bioinformatics
BINF*6970 Statistical Bioinformatics

Term: N/A

Course Code Title
BINF*6500 Ph.D. Research Writing
BINF*6999 Bioinformatics Master’s Project



Course Code Title
ANSC*6240 Topics in Animal Genetics and Genomics
ANSC*6330 Topics in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
ANSC*6370 Quantitative Genetics and Animal Models
BINF*6420 Biosequence Pattern Analysis
CIS*6020 Artificial Intelligence
CIS*6060 Bioinformatics
CIS*6080 Genetic Algorithms
CIS*6120 Uncertainty Reasoning in Knowledge Representation
ENVS*6450 Multivariate Environmental Data Analysis
HHNS*6440 Nutrition, Gene Expression, and Cell Signalling
MCB*6370 Protein Structural Biology and Bioinformatics
PLNT*6160 Advanced Plant Breeding II
PLNT*6500 Applied Bioinformatics
POPM*6950 Modeling Infectious Disease Dynamics
STAT*4340 Statistical Inference
STAT*6801 Statistical Learning
STAT*6802 Generalized Linear Models and Extensions
STAT*6950 Statistical Methods for the Life Sciences

* For Thesis-based students, this list is a recommended list. Students may consider courses from the core M.BINF list, such as BINF*6410 and BINF*6970. Courses not from either of these lists can also be considered. Current students are encouraged to speak with their Advisory Committee and the Graduate Coordinator regarding electives.