Residence Phones


I have deleted a Voice Mail message and want to recover it. Is this possible?

There is no option available to recover a deleted voice mail message.

I hear an echo when making a call.

This can be remedied by lowering your handset volume. If the echo persists, please make a note of the calling party, the called party and forward this information to the Telephone Help Desk, x74663.

My phone displays the incorrect extension.

This will happen if you swap phones with someone. This is not recommended. You'll have to call the Telephone Help Desk, 74663. They will need to re-record your MAC address on the phone (centre sticker on back of phone near network cables). Before you call the Telephone Help Desk, you will need to locate whoever has your extension (the person you swapped phones with) so that CCS can change both phones appropriately.

My phone displays unknown characters for incoming call display.

This is currently a known issue when callers dial 519-824-4120 to reach a phone in Residence. Tell people who are calling you from off campus to dial 519-824-0022, and your call display will work properly.

My phone is continuously restarting.

Reset the phone by unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in. If the problem persists, call the Telephone Help Desk at x74663.

My redial button does not work.

For security reasons the redial feature is currently not available on the Residence phones. Redial would display your FAC code on the LCD panel.

There are no characters on my LCD display, there is no dial tone. Basically the phone is dead.

The IP phone receives its power from the network jack. Verify that the jack (labelled 10/100SW) on the phone is plugged into the network outlet in the wall. Unplug and re-plug the phone into the network jack. Watch the MUTE button on the phone carefully - it should flash (red) 10 seconds after you plug in the phone. If the light does not flash, and nothing comes up on the phone, it is likely that either the phone, the patch cable, or the port is faulty. Check the cables that run into your computer from the phone and/or from your phone to the network jack. Try replacing the cable (you can borrow one from a neighbour for the purposes of this test). Also, try testing the computer in the network jack without connecting to the phone. One more thing to try ... take your phone to another room and plug it into their IP phone network jack. If this works, your network jack is dead. Make sure you communicate this when you call the Telephone Help Desk (Ext. 74663).