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July 2024

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Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making in Research Panel

This panel is part of the 2024 OVC Graduate Research Symposium, a free event open to the U of G community and the public. Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize research in human and animal health. Experts in AI, epidemiology, immuno-oncology, and public health will discuss AI's potential and ethical implications. Kevin Matsui, Managing Director of CARE-AI, will follow with insights on AI's impact on graduate student research. Learn more.

GPUs as a Foundation for Generative AI Talk

Griffin Lacey will discuss how hardware accelerators like GPUs support modern AI/ML workloads, comparing different architectures and exploring the role of the software stack and AI platforms. He will also explain how AI/ML infrastructure scales from embedded systems to supercomputers for training LLMs with trillions of parameters. Griffin Lacey received his BEng in Engineering Systems & Computing from the School of Engineering at University of Guelph in 2014. Griffin also earned his MASc in 2016 at UoG and is currently Manager, Solutions Architect at NVIDIA.