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CCLC Closed due to COVID-19

We wont to thank all of our families and staff for the ir fle xibility and unde rstanding during this rapidly evolving situation. We hove mode the difficult decision to close the University of Guelph Child Core and Le arning Ce ntre effe ctively Immediate ly for at least two weeks. We recognize the challenges this will create for families and it is not o decision that we hove mode lightly. We sincerely hope that our closure contributes to o reduction in risk for those who ore most vulnerable. reduces pressure on our he alth core syste m. and that we ore able to put this behind us shortly. We wish you all the best.


CCLC Study Tour Postponed

 Pedagogy for Transformational Change has been postponed to the fall. We sincerely hope that the closure of our centre and cancellation of our study tour contributes to a reduction in risk for those who are most vulnerable and reduces pressure on our health care system so that we may be able to put this behind us shortly.





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