About CIP

Uluru, Australia

CIP - Building on Tradition

Established by the University of Guelph Senate in 1967, the Centre for International Programs was the first of its kind in Canada. Over the decades the Centre has helped to establish Guelph as a leader in international cooperation, education and research. We continue to build a home for international activities at Guelph and around the world.

Our Vision

The Centre for International Programs fosters international and intercultural learning among members of our campus community to stimulate a sense of partnership and global responsibility as scholars and citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide leadership and expertise in facilitating international and intercultural academic activities through the development of resources and partnerships that support the University of Guelph's strategic direction of internationalization.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to support the internationalization of the curriculum through the following:

  • Coordinate key programs that involve Guelph students in International experiences related to their academic programs
  • Provide expertise to Academic and Student Affairs departments in developing international experiences for specific student populations
  • Facilitate international academic opportunities for faculty members
  • Support intercultural competency acquisition among faculty, staff and students in order to enrich the academic learning environment and support effective learning abroad
  • In collaboration with academic units, develop and maintain strategic international partnerships with institutions and organizations
  • Support ongoing assessment of learning and development goals and outcomes associated with international experiences
  • Seek out and administer external funding for student academic travel and other activities that fall under our mandate