Returning from Your Study Abroad

Fiji - scuba diving

Exchange Credit Transfer

Follow these steps to ensure that you get your credits transferred back to your University of Guelph degree. The sooner you complete this process the better!

Post Study Abroad Survey

We really do want to hear about your study abroad experience. The Study Abroad Evaluation is your chance to share the great things (and sometimes, not so great things) about your study abroad experience. Your feedback will be used to help future students travelling on a Guelph study abroad program.

Share Your Experience

Are you looking to share your experience studying abroad with others? Check out these various options to get involved and watch your email for more updates.

Re-entry Wellness

Sometimes students find that the hardest part of studying abroad is coming home. Since this is unexpected, it is often difficult to manage. Therefore, we provide some strategies on how to cope while you readjust to life in Canada.