Exchange Credit Transfer

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Transferring your Exchange Credits back to Guelph

At CIP, the exchange credit transfer process is coordinated by your Education Abroad Advisor

Once your exchange program is completed, your host university will send an academic transcript to the Centre for International Programs directly. Before you leave your host institution, check with their International Office to make sure you have followed their procedures to have your transcript sent to your EAA at the Centre for International Programs. Once received,  your EAA will email a copy of your transcript to both you and your Program Counsellor to start your transfer credit process.

Please note: If you would like your own copy of the transcript to make sure you request one before you leave your host university. If you are planning to apply to a graduate or professional program, find out how to have your host institution send a copy of the transcript to the program's admissions.

Steps for transferring your exchange credits back to Guelph: 

  1. Exchange Program Course Selection (EPCS) Form: For your courses to be transferred back to Guelph you must complete the EPCS and Grade Submission form AGAIN with the actual courses you took while on exchange. A copy of the form can be found on the bottom of this page or on the Registrar's website. The form can also be picked up at your Program Counsellor's office, CIP or the Registrar's office. 
  2. Complete the EPCS Form: List your name, student number, your UG academic program, your exchange program name (where you went on exchange), the semester(s) you were on exchange (term) and the courses you took while on exchange.
  3. Contact Your Program Counselling Office: Contact your Program Counsellor to find out their office procedure for exchange credit transfer.  Your Program Counsellor will assess your exchange courses; assign a generic credit and a credit weight to each of the courses. You may also be required to get departmental approval for the courses you took while exchange. Your Program Counsellor will sign the form for you once all the approvals are complete. 
  4. Drop Off Your Form to your EAA at CIP: Once your Program Counsellor has assessed your credits and signed the form, you will need to sign the form and take it to your Education Abroad Advisor at the Centre for International Programs. Your EAA will review your courses and assign a University of Guelph grade of Outstanding Pass (OP), Pass (P) or Fail (F) to each course. An Outstanding Pass is the equivalent of an "A" and a Fail is the equivalent of a failure or "F" at your host university. Your EAA will take the form to the Registrar's office and your courses will be added to your transcript within a week or two.                                                                                                                              

WORD OF ADVICE: Transfer your courses sooner rather than later. There may be mistakes on your transcript and it is better to find this out now when it's easily fixed rather than when you are attempting to graduate.

If you have questions about your transcript or the exchange credit transfer process please contact your Education Abroad Advisor.

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