Nominate your students to University of Guelph

How to Nominate a Student for Exchange

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Please nominate your students for exchange by the deadlines below using the University of Guelph Online Nomination Form which we will e-mail to our partners in advance, or you can request from us via e-mail (email address).

Nomination deadline for Fall semester - March 20
Nomination deadline for Winter semester -  September 20

After receiving the nominations, we will e-mail the students with instructions about how to access our online application. If you have any questions about the exchange application process, please contact our Education Abroad Advisors.

Deadlines for students to submit our online incoming exchange student application:

Fall Semester (September to December): 15 April

Winter Semester (January to April): 15 October

Summer Semester (May to August): 15 February  - please note: We do not recommend that exchange students apply for our Summer Semester as there are very few courses offered, and very few undergraduate students on campus.  However, it may be possible for graduate students to come for research during the summer if they identify a University of Guelph professor willing to supervise them.

Acceptance Packages

Acceptances packages will be sent out to your students who have been accepted on exchange at Guelph by email one month after the acceptance deadline, and will include information about how to apply for residence, student fees, the orientation program, and arrival services.  Acceptance letters will not be sent by mail, as a scanned copy is sufficient for applying for visas for Canada.

Exchange Course Selection Guides

The online application will ask the students to upload a course selection form. You may want to advise the students to start researching what courses they want to take now.  We recommend that they follow the advice given in our Exchange Course Selection Guides, which can be downloaded here.

Forms (all forms are in .PDF format, available free at