Study Abroad Timeline

Note, that a written description of the timeline is provided beneath the image.

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*Start looking into the study abroad process approximately one year before you want to go. 
*Keep in mind, that the following information is provided as a general timeline for the study abroad process. Please note that dates and processing times may vary based on your program, host country, or study abroad experience. 

Application Process: only one application period per year, for the upcoming summer, fall, and winter programs

1. Complete the study abroad information session: there are twice weekly virtual and in-person sessions, and a CourseLink option is available
2. The application will open in mid-December
3. A document with the spots available will be released in mid-December
4. Applications are due the last Friday in January 
5. Acceptance day will be in early March
6. Deadline to accept or decline your offer will be one week after acceptance day

Pre-Departure Process:
*Note, exact dates may vary depending on your program

Description Summer Departures Fall Departures Winter Departures
EAA nominates student to partner university March April-May August-September
Student completes the host university application April May-June September-October
$85 Exchange Admin fee due April 15 July 15 September 15
Apply for travel grants (note, deadline for most travel grants, check SFS for exact dates) March 15 June 30 June 30
Attend mandatory Safe Travel Essentials Orientation Late March Late March Late October
Exchange Program Course Selection (EPCS) form due April 15 June 1 November 1
Complete mandatory DepartSmart Orientation on CourseLink April 15 June 1 November 1
Purchase mandatory Guard.Me Travel Health Insurance 3-weeks before departure 3-weeks before departure 3-weeks before departure
Attend the optional Traveller's Connection Night Late March Late March Late November


Re-entry Process:
*Note before leaving your host university, check to make sure they will send your transcript directly to

  General Timeline
Write exams at the host university End of your semester
Host University sends transcript directly to CIP Approximately 1 month after exams finish at your host university
CIP sends exchange transcripts to student & Program Counsellor

1 week after we received it from the host university

PC and student complete & sign the post-EPCS form 2-4 weeks, depending on the PC's schedule 
*Remember, both the student and Program Counsellor must sign the form
CIP signs off on post-EPCS and sends it to Academic Records 1 week after we receive it
Courses and credits appear on students U of G transcript 1-2 weeks after it is submitted to Academic Records
Earn your Re-entry badge by completing the modules on CourseLink Reflect on your experience abroad and learn how to apply it to job applications, interviews, and your personal life