Exchange Agreements and Balances

New Exchange Agreements with the University of Guelph

We are looking for partners whose academic programs closely match those at the University of Guelph. For a full listing of Guelph's academic programs please visit our Undergraduate and Graduate Course Calendars.  The Incoming Exchange Presentation below also gives an excellent overview of the programs and services available on our campus.

Here are some of the things we look for in new student exchange partners:

  • Internationally recognized and accredited institutions at the University level with academic programs which align well with the University of Guelph Programs
  • Courses at the senior undergraduate (3rd and 4th year) or graduate level which are taught in English 
  • Partners who are not located in a region covered by a Global Affairs Canadian travel warning
  • Partner institutions with a reciprocal interest in exchange such that it may be reasonable to assume that equal numbers of students will be exchanged in each direction
  • Partners must be able to offer an official transcript of the student's academic performance in perpetuity  (i.e. students should be able to obtain a transcript of their exchange courses several years after their time at the host University is completed)

If you are interested in starting an exchange with the University of Guelph, please contact, Allison Broadbent,  Study Abroad Manager.

Exchange Balances

To negotiate the numbers of incoming and outgoing students for an existing exchange agreement, please contact the Study Abroad Manager.

Renewing Exchange Agreements

Have that list of soon-to-be-expired agreements, and Guelph is on the list? Please contact Allison Broadbent, Study Abroad Manager to start the renewal process.