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Upcoming Opportunities

Instagram Ambassador

We are currently taking applications to become an Instagram Ambassador for the upcoming semester. As an Ambassador, your job will be to promote your host university and represent the University of Guelph over the span of your time abroad. You will have the chance to share stories and posts about your host university, residence, the host city, additional travel, friends you make, etc.. You will be assigned one month to promote your exchange. During this month you will create an introductory post, take over the CIP account for 1 week to share information about the university, accommodations, the city, etc.. And you will have a closing post at the end of your month. If other events, trips, or fun facts come up along the month you are welcome to post about it too. If this interests you, please apply through the link below. 

Sign up to be an Instagram Ambassador here!

Instagram Takeover

If you would like to showcase something you have planned during your exchange, or you want to show what a day in the life of an exchange student looks like, you can apply to take over our Instagram account for one day! Send an email to and tell us what you are studying, where you are, and what you would like to talk about! Help us show all the diverse opportunities available to UofG students! 

Study Abroad Ambassador

We have created ambassador profiles for past-exchange students to help showcase what an exchange experience is like. You can check out our current profiles here, and if you would like to participate, please send an email to

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