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Podcast Episodes

S1E4 - How Study Abroad Prepares you for After Graduation: Jordie is a Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science student
S1E7 - Past CIP Peer Helpers: Kaitlyn is a Molecular Biology and Genetics student & Mary is a Wildlife Biology student
S2E2 - Comparing Experiences in Australia: Alena is a Neuroscience student
S3E7 - The Peer Helper Experience:  Moon is a Zoology student
S3E9 - Cultural Adjustment in Fiji: Melanie is a Human Kinetics student

Video Interviews

Casandra [Marine and Freshwater Biology] - University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Robyn [Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science] - University of Ghana, Ghana

Study Abroad Ambassador Profiles:

Biomedical Toxicology
Grace D. - University of Canberra, Australia

Molecular Biology and Genetics 
Kaitlyn S. - University of Dundee, Scotland 
Sarah C. - Massey University, New Zealand

Wildlife Biology and Conservation
Catherine C. - University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Lili P. - Lincoln University, New Zealand
Mary Y. - University of Adelaide, Australia

Jillian M. - La Trobe University