Chloé B. Exchange Ambassador

What is one word to describe your study abroad experience:

Eye-opening, University of Aberdeen

"This is going to be one of the best experiences of your life, make the most of it. "

CHLOÉ B. Chloe B. on exchange



Exchange student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Winter semester
Studying Landscape Architecture

  1. What is the best thing that happened while you were studying abroad?  

Having the opportunity to travel to amazing places I never would have imagined to visit.  

  1. What was the biggest cultural adaptation you had to make?  

Overall just getting used to the many different ways people live their lives in different countries and getting used to how the school system works. 

  1. Where was the coolest place you traveled to during your study abroad experience?  

Traveling to Hallstatt in Austria was by far the coolest place I traveled to and was an experience I will never forget.  

  1. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew before you studied abroad?   

I know now that there really isn't anything to be worried about, although it is a huge change in your life, there are lots of supports to help you along the way and you are stronger than you think.

  1. Who was the hardest person to leave from home? How did you deal with that?  

The hardest person to leave from home was my mom. We are really close and I thought it was going to be a lot harder but being able to talk on the phone helped a lot, and it is easy to get distracted when there are so many new things happening in your life.  

  1. If you were to recommend exchange to your best friend what would you say?

Absolutely do it. No matter how daunting exchange may seem it is an opportunity not a lot of people get and you will not regret it. There are going to be ups and downs but in the end, it is going to be the more rewarding feeling ever.

  1.   Would it be helpful to learn another language for this exchange? 

Being in Scotland there was no need to learn a new language, but I found it really helpful to know some basic words from different languages when visiting other countries.  

  1. Did you live on-campus or off-campus? Would you recommend it, and why?  

I lived on-campus in the student residence. I would highly recommend this as many other exchange students will be staying in the same place and it is a great way to make friends who are in the same boat as you. It is also an easy way to get used to your surroundings and understand where you are going.  

  1. How did you finance your study abroad experience?  

From personal savings. Also, a lot of money was saved from applying to various scholarships before leaving.  

  1. What interesting courses did you get to take while studying abroad?  

Being at a different school in a different country, I wanted to take advantage of new subjects and the history of the country itself. I mainly took archaeology courses, which were very interesting and I learned many things I would not have had the opportunity to if I just took the regular courses back at Guelph. 

Caves To Kingdoms: An Introduction To Prehistoric Archaeology (AY1503) 
Death! (AY1505)  

  1. Is there any other helpful information you would like to share with future study abroad participants?  

Make sure to engage in as many things as possible. Put yourself out there, meet new people, join clubs, take classes you would never think to take, and travel as much as possible.

Chloes pictures visiting different countries while on exchange - in the mountains and in cities

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