Corina W. Exchange Ambassador

What is one word to describe your study abroad experience:

Nottingham Trent University - Incredible

"This is an irreplaceable, unexplainable experience that you will never forget."

Corina W.




Exchange student at Nottingham Trent University, England, UK
Winter semester
Studying Bio-Resource Management, Equine Management

  1. What is the best thing that happened while you were studying abroad?  

Meeting the incredible people that were put in my path.

  1. Where was the coolest place you travelled to during your study abroad experience?  

My absolute favourite place I travelled to was the city of Athens, Greece. I’ve had a long-time interest in Greek history, and this city was filled with beautiful sites, beautiful streets, and extremely friendly locals.  

  1. What was the biggest cultural adaptation you had to make?  

Studying in England, I had an easier time as the language was the same. The biggest surprise for me, however, was that accents from different parts of the country actually took me a couple of weeks to understand! I also struggled with the different foods, and slang words that the locals were used to, especially since there wasn’t any way to go back to the comfort of the stuff you are used to. Just give yourself time to adjust!

  1. What is something that you know now, that you wish you knew before you studied abroad?   

I personally wish I knew another language! It is not necessary to know another language, but it would have been nice. I did meet a lot of people who could speak two or more languages and it was very useful in connecting with other people.

  1. What was your best learning moment?

Some of my best learning moments were during the two weeks when I travelled solo. Going to foreign countries alone as a young woman can be really intimidating, but with the help of some research, planning, and keeping a well-rested head on my shoulders, I was able to learn a lot about how to get around, who to trust, and how to make hard decisions for my safety in a split second. 

  1. Who was the hardest person to leave from home?

The hardest person to leave was my boyfriend. While it may seem cliché, it's true. I also really missed my family, as I’m very close to my parents and siblings, and found it hard to fill the time that I usually spent with them.
My best word of advice to deal with this is to keep your communication frequent, but short. Spending too much time on skype or messaging with people back home will increase your feelings of homesickness, and also take away time better spent living your life. However, keeping up with them bit by bit with quick updates will keep the communication positive!

  1. Who was the hardest person to leave that you met while on exchange? How did you deal with that?

I personally got close to the girls I lived with, and the students who lived in another apartment down the street from me. They were the hardest to leave but being able to keep contact via social media really helped. It is also helpful to plan a reunion in the future if possible! Knowing when you will see them next does a world of good. 

  1. If you were to recommend exchange to your best friend, what would you say?  

I would 1000% recommend it. This is an irreplaceable, unexplainable experience that you will never forget.

  1. Would it be helpful to learn another language for this exchange? 

Yes, it would be really helpful! As an international student, you will probably be meeting people from many different countries, so probably any other language will come in handy at some point. It is definitely not necessary, however, as everywhere you go you will be able to find someone who speaks English Just be aware of how many people speak other languages and be respectful of their language and culture, and you will be fine!

  1. Did you live on-campus or off-campus? Would you recommend it, and why?  

I lived off-campus. While I originally hoped to live on-campus (there were no available rooms for me) it took me about two weeks to be glad that I lived off-campus. Living in the city of your University gives you better exposure to the culture, easier access to banks, grocery stores, shopping, and entertainment! You also have a better chance of meeting locals, as you may even have locals as your roommates. You will meet other students in your program whether you live on or off-campus since you will be in class with them, so living off-campus gives you better opportunities for enjoying the local culture. 

  1. How did you finance your study abroad experience?  

I applied for as many bursaries as I possibly could, including ones I felt I didn’t really qualify for. I was also very blessed to be able to have my parents loan me whatever money I still needed. 

  1. What interesting courses did you get to take while studying abroad? What was the title of the course(s)?  

I took 3 courses: Equine Sports Injury, The Therapeutic use of the Horse, and Equine Research Methods. 

  1. Is there any other helpful information you would like to share with future study abroad participants?  

Try joining Facebook groups for finding someplace to rent! Facebook groups are also great for finding events to go to and meeting up with people who are also looking for things to do/see or who are new to the area as well. Embrace the age of social media in a healthy way!

Corina W. photos from exchange in England

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