Exchange Transcript

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Before the completion of your exchange program, please check with your host university coordinator to make sure that your host university will scan/email or mail your academic transcript directly to CIP. Only transcripts that are sent directly from the host university to CIP can be used for credit transfer purposes. Most of the host universities will automatically send an academic transcript to CIP, while some host universities may require that you fill in a form in order to request that your transcript is sent to CIP. Several host universities are now only giving access to the transcript via an online platform, through which you must give approval to share the transcript with CIP.

Please ensure that BEFORE you leave your host institution, you have paid any outstanding fees you owe them and completed any other requirements that they may have.  If you have any outstanding fees or obligations, your host university may not send your transcript.  

If you want your own copy of your exchange transcript, make sure to ask at your host institution about how to order transcripts before you finish your exchange program.