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Visit our Instagram page for quotes, pictures, and general tips for studying abroad. Also, find reminders for deadlines and upcoming events to participate in. 


CIP has a Facebook page to link students who are going on exchange (you!), international students coming to UofG on exchange, and students who have been on exchange in the past. It's a great way to connect with others who have actually experienced the place where you'll be going on exchange and to ask questions. To join, use the search function on Facebook and search University of Guelph Study Abroad


Stay up to date with what's happening at the Centre for International Programs by joining us on Twitter - follow CIPguelph.

Join the LINK Program

The LINK Program is a great opportunity to share information and friendship with an incoming exchange student at U of Guelph. LINK volunteers help new exchange and international students get acquainted with academic and student life at U of G. Being a LINK partner is particularly beneficial for Guelph students going on exchange during the Winter semester, as we may be able to match you with an incoming exchange or international student from your host country during the Fall (however, this is not guaranteed). You are also encouraged to be a LINK volunteer when you return from your exchange, as you will have firsthand experience with the struggles that new exchange students face while abroad. You’ll receive an e-mail from CIP soon with information about how to sign-up to be a LINK partner, or you can e-mail for more information.

Photo Contest

Each year CIP holds the “Show Us Your World” photo contest, which gives students the chance to show off the pictures they took while studying abroad. So when you’ve just taken a great pic during your semester abroad, keep in mind to enter it in the contest when you return to U of Guelph as you might win a prize!

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