Exploring Study Abroad in Europe II

Cinque Terre

Here we have gathered some resources for you to explore and learn more about these European Countries.

Exploring Europe II Presentation

Studying in Europe

Check out what past U of G study abroad participants have to say about studying in Europe.

Explore Other Study Abroad Ambassador Profiles

You can also use our Program Search Tool to see which universities we have partnered with in this region and find links to visit the partner university website to learn more about how it can fit into your degree. Using the search tool you can find information about the semester dates, courses offered in English, residence, and more.

Movies, Documentaries, and Books

This region has been known for some of the richest and oldest Literature and film in Europe. Check out Goodreads for some of the most iconic Swiss novelists such as Max Frisch, and see the 1900s Vienna in Netflix original series Freud.

The University of Guelph offers students access to a number of streaming platforms through their U of G Central ID. We have selected a small sample of the videos and movies that are either about these European countries or films that originate from these countries. Check out these options or have a look for yourself:


Explore Kanopy          Explore Audio Cine Films          Explore UofG Streaming Options

Arts & Culture

Google's Arts and Culture site can help you to explore museums, cities, history, and culture. Here are some samples of the UK features you can explore from the comfort of your own home! 

Restaurants and Recipes 

Spain and Italy have developed some of the world's more beloved cuisines. Luckily you do not have to travel very far to experience the amazing tastes those countries have to offer. There are plenty of places in and around Guelph where you can get your hands on some traditional food, such as: 

Or if you are not in the mood to leave, why not try and make something easy at home that will surely impress:


Spice up your music selection with this Europe II playlist