Exploring Study Abroad in the UK

The London Eye

Here we have gathered some resources for you to explore and learn more about the UK. 

Exploring the UK Presentation

We hosted a Teams Live session for students to explore the culture of these countries and what it means to study abroad in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Studying in the UK

Check out what past U of G study abroad participants have to say about studying in the UK.

Explore Other Study Abroad Ambassador Profiles

You can also use our Program Search Tool to see which universities we have partnered within this region and find links to visit the partner university website to learn more about how it can fit into your degree. Using the search tool you can find information about the semester dates, courses offered in English, residence, and more.

Movies, Documentaries, and Books

There are many classic and popular novels that come from this region of the world. Of course, there are all of Shakespeare's plays and you can even visit Shakespear's Globe Theatre in London, England or is home is Stroke-Upon-Trent. The Brontë sisters are also well known for their classics, such as Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. And if you are visiting Howarth you can explore the Brontë family home. Additionally, J.K. Rowling is from England but was inspired by a lot of the architecture in Scotland, while writing Harry Potter. You can even find Harry Potter tours where they bring you around to the different spots of inspiration for parts of the books. Jane Austin and her novel Pride and Prejudice also has to be mentioned in this category. Please note, this is nowhere near an exhaustive list and there are many novels, books, plays, and films from this region! We hope you enjoy exploring what the UK has to offer! 

The University of Guelph offers students access to a number of streaming platforms through their U of G Central ID. We have selected a small sample of the videos and movies that are either about the UK or films that originate from these countries. Check out these options or have a look for yourself:


Explore Kanopy          Explore Audio Cine Films          Explore UofG Streaming Options

Arts & Culture

Google's Arts and Culture site can help you to explore museums, cities, history, and culture. Here are some samples of the UK features you can explore from the comfort of your own home! 

Restaurants and Recipes 

In and around Guelph there are a number of restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world! If you are looking for some UK inspired restaurants you may want to check out The Shakespeare Arms as they features traditional British favourites like fish and chips, Shepard’s pie, and beef yorkie or McCabe’s Irish Pub that features Irish pub classics.

Or if you are looking to try your hand in the kitchen you can test out some of these recipes:


Feel the beat of the UK music as you listen to this UK playlist.