Our 2014 contest winners!

Our winners for the Show Us Your World Photo Contest, 2014

Congratulations to our "Facebook Favourite" Winners:

Category 1 - Go global, Act Local 
Sam Waldman
Photo title: Just Swinging By and Hanging Around

Picture of a student with local graffiti

Category 2 - I 'got' by with a little help from my friends
Dana Homsi
Photo title: Tree monkeys

Image of four students standing the the trees

Category 3 - A picture is worth 1000 words
Alissa Gillanders
Photo title: The Beautiful Land of Thai

Photo of a beach in Thailand

Category 4 - Gryphs Abroad
Sam Waldman 
Photo title: A Canadian Touch on Chinese Scenery

Photo of a little snowman made abroad

 Our Grand Prize Winner:

Jahnaya Wright

Photo title: "The Highlands"
Photo description: A good friend from Guelph met me in Scotland and we decided to take a trip together. On our bus tour through the Highlands we saw many beautiful sites but I remember loving this scene before I snapped the picture. We didn’t have much time at this stop in the tour but Connor definitely took the time to really take it all in.
Loacation: Glencoe, Scotland

Photo of a student in the Scottish Highlands 

Honourable Mention: 

Jordan Pedersen

Photo title: "Old Fisherman" 
Photo description: I was the only female (foreign and under 60) visitor at Skagen Fish market that cold June morning. This old fisherman came over and was chatting, but didn’t speak English, and my Danish was pretty bad, but he showed me this photo of himself in his youth at the fish market, and told me about sailing to Mariana’s Trench in 1965 and how he lost the top half of his fingers. One of the most interesting characters I’ve ever met!
Location: Skagen, Denmark

Photo of an old photograph of a man and a seagull

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone that participated in this year's CIP photo contest. We hope that you will continue to share your Study Abroad experience with your friends, family, and peers! 


To view all of the photo submissions, please visit our Show Us Your World Photo Contest, 2014 Facebook page.