Nepal Field School: Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship

This 2-week field school in early May 2021 aims to deepen students' awareness and understanding of the connection between tourism and social entrepreneurship. The program involves three - 2 hour meetings in class on the Guelph campus at the beginning of the program followed by 12 days trekking in Nepal.

Please note: The 12 days trekking can be physically challenging and therefore requires an appropriate level of fitness.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply for the program.

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Field School Details

Instructor: Alison Crerar, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management

Offered: Summer 2021

Prerequisite: 5 credits, 70% cumulative average, and the permission of the instructor

If you have questions about the program, please contact Alison Crerar.

Program Dates

Approximately May 9-17, 2021


Accommodation will be provided in lodges, tea houses, home-stays in the mountains and at a Guest House in Kathmandu.


Students will be registered in HTM 4500 for 0.5 credits.  Students from all disciplines are welcome.

In-class week on Guelph campus

Depending on the size of the group, the class will likely meet for thr2-hourur sessions that cover the following topics: sustainable tourism and social enterprise, intercultural competency, and a briefing on Nepal itself (its background, political situation, and culture). The focus will be on helping you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Nepal Field Trip:

This experiential, field-based course aims to deepen students' awareness and understanding of the connection between tourism and social entrepreneurship. Students will augment what they've learned in the classroom with first-hand investigation of the tourism-social entrepreneurship connection within Nepalese mountain villages: its impact, both micro and macro; challenges associated with establishing and strengthening this connection; and strategies to address these challenges.

The teaching/learning approach will rely heavily on student engagement and initiative: discussion, interviews, individual reflection and collaboration with students from participating institutions located in the UK, United States, Denmark, and Nepal. Students will prepare for their visit to Nepal through in-class instruction at Guelph prior to leaving for Nepal. Although the focus and travel will be in the mountain villages of Nepal, the lessons learned will have broader applicability. 


Students should budget for the following:

  • Round-trip airfare to Kathmandu, Nepal
  • University of Guelph tuition for 0.5 course credits 
  • Nepal Field School Fee: Approximately $3000 CAD. This fee includes accommodation in Nepal, airport transfers in Nepal and city tours,  transportation within Nepal related to the course, all meals and hot drinks (bottled water not included). (Please note that this amount is subject to change due to fluctuating exchange rates, and as costs are finalized for the program.)
  • Mandatory travel health and emergency insurance through the company Guard Me ($1.65 / day)
  • Moving Mountains fundraising target: £400 (approximately 700 CAD included in the field school fee)
  • Personal spending for tips, souvenirs, bottled water, and personal tourist activities  
  • Nepalese visa ($25 USD paid at the Kathmandu airport upon arrival)


Students applying for the program must have completed a total of 5 undergraduate credits by the time the program begins in May 2021 (or permission from the instructor) and must have a 70% cumulative average.  (Students with a 67 - 69% cumulative average may be considered if there are extenuating circumstances that affected their marks which are described on their application.)

The program is open to students from all disciplines at the University of Guelph.

Apply to the Nepal Field School

Students interested in applying to the Nepal Field School must apply using the online application. To receive access to the online application you must first attend a Study Abroad Information Session through the Centre for International Programs. You will then receive access to the online application by early December.

Application deadline: January 29, 2021