A note about Semesters Abroad

Posted on Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Unfortunately, the Semester Abroad model (group of students spending a semester abroad with a Guelph faculty member) has become increasingly expensive for both students and the institution and student interest has dropped significantly in the last few years. In addition, tightening immigration rules around the world make it difficult for us to have students and professors teaching and learning abroad within the visa frameworks of our host destinations. Because of these and other challenges with this study abroad model, we will not be offering Semesters Abroad after Winter 2019. While there is no doubt that Semesters Abroad have been a wonderful learning experience for many, this type of program is proving less viable in the current world immigration and economic climate. Students are encouraged to explore any other of our 100+ study abroad programs by using the 'study abroad program search' button on our home page. 

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