Notice to Current and Former Students with Guard.Me insurance coverage

Posted on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

The University of Guelph was recently notified that students who obtained travel insurance from Guard.Me between September 2007 and June 2021 may have had some of their personal information exposed as a result of cybersecurity breach. 

Only Guard.Me’s systems were compromised; no University of Guelph systems were affected. More information is available on Guard.ME’s website

This breach only affects information collected from Guard.Me travel insurance policy holders. 

The keep.meSAFE mental wellness student support program provided through Guard.Me is not affected, nor is the student health and dental insurance plans provided through the Central Student Association and Graduate Students’ Association by Gallivan.

Affected current and former students should receive a notification directly from Guard.Me. It is possible that you were affected but not notified if your contact information was not up to date. If you wish to confirm whether or not you were affected by this breach, please contact Guard.Me directly. The University is not able to provide any additional information about this breach or confirm if individual students were affected.

The University takes the privacy of our students and community seriously. We are working closely with Guard.Me to understand why this breach happened and what actions Guard.Me is taking to increase security.

If you have questions for the University, please contact the Privacy Officer via email,

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