Returning from Study Abroad

Exchange Credit Transfer

Transferring your Exchange Credits back to Guelph

At CIP, the exchange credit transfer process is coordinated by your Education Abroad Advisor. Chen Chen is the Education Abroad Advisor for Arts, Social Science and Commerce students. Mike Lafleur is the Education Abroad Advisor for Science and Engineering.

Study Abroad Survey

We really do want to hear about your study abroad experience. The Study Abroad Evaluation is your chance to share the great things (and sometimes, not so great things) about your exchange or semester abroad.  Your feedback will be used to help future students travelling on a Guelph study abroad program

Share Your Experience

Are you looking to share your experience studying abroad with others? Check your email and follow us on social media for your chance to volunteer and work at CIP! Also, there will be various opportunities to promote your experience through our social media and website.