Travel Health Insurance: Don't leave home without it!

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Students going abroad on a University of Guelph study abroad program (exchange, field school, etc.) or are traveling through an academic field trip, conference, research, co-op, etc. are required to purchase Guard Me travel health insurance.  Guard Me insurance provides comprehensive health insurance and also includes third party liability and security evacuation. Go to the Guelph-Guard Me web portal for more details or to purchase the insurance.

Note that while Guard Me offers comprehensive travel health coverage, it does not cover everything. Read the policy carefully to understand what exclusions there may be, including, high-risk activties (think bungie jumping, sky-diving, mountain climbing), pre-existing conditions, health care costs due to inhebriation; these are standard exclusions listed by most insurance companies. Know your policy and behave accordingly.

There are NO EXEMPTIONS from purchasing Guard Me insurance. For example, even if your exchange host university or country requires you to buy a mandatory health insurance plan (such as OSCH in Australia) you must still purchase Guard Me insurance. While other plans may cover you for basic medical care in your host country, they often do not cover students for such things as travel to other countries, emergency evacuation, repatriation, or flying a loved one to be with you if you are hospitalized. Therefore, having the Guard Me insurance is necessary.