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What is one word to describe your study abroad experience:

Ghana Field School - Enlightening

"The trip is unforgettable because it ventures to locales you would possibly never get to visit otherwise and the scenery and views are breathtaking, while the farming strategy techniques are fascinating."

Trevor E



Ghana Field School participant
Duration of Field School: 3 weeks
Summer semester
Studying Biology

  1. What did a typical day in this field school look like?

We were always downstairs in the restaurant of the hotel by 8 am for breakfast, before heading out to lectures or forestry sites for tutorials. 

  1. What did you have to do for the course component of this field school? How did it impact your degree?

The course component entailed a long essay regarding forestry techniques in West Africa and a presentation to the rest of the class. The course was worth two Environmental Science credits and it really generated interest in earth science studies for me.

  1. What did you think of your field school coordinator?

Dr. Thevathasan was tremendously dedicated to educating each of us on the practices of tropical agroforestry and his passion for the crucial topics conveyed to the students so well that it made the trip highly memorable and truly inspirational

  1. How many other UofG students did you travel with? And what did you think of travelling with other students?

There were four other undergraduate students and one PhD student who was there for only part of the trip. Most of the other undergraduates were in an Environmental Science major so they were excellent at discussing course material and helping one another out.

  1. How did you interact with the local community during your field school

My favourite interactions with the local community came in the form of speaking with KNUST students because they were so friendly and talkative regarding studies and they were courteous to the extent that I still correspond with them.

  1. What influenced your decision to participate in a field school opportunity?

I support international study/travel in general already because it provides distinctive learning and it is truly a requisite change from a regular schedule to keep a clear mind and be a well-rounded individual.

  1. What was the best thing that happened during your field school? Explain.

Going on an animal safari in Mole National Park was exceptionally unique and it provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience that combined learning with being in the geographical layout/ecosystem there, which gave a great opportunity to get an interesting understanding of what animals were there and their habitats.

  1. Where was the coolest place you traveled to during your study abroad experience?  

I really liked going to Cape Coast because swimming in the ocean was irreplaceable and the historic sites were intriguing.

  1. What was the biggest cultural adaptation you had to make?  

Experiencing a new country required awareness of surroundings at all times because if not careful, it could have been easy to become disorientated and lost in your new surroundings. 

  1. What was your best learning moment?

The array of landscape features encountered along the lengthy bus rides was educational in terms of geology and features of African landscapes.

  1. If you were to recommend this field school to your best friend, what would you say?

The trip is unforgettable because it ventures to locales you would possibly never get to visit otherwise and the scenery and views are breathtaking, while the farming strategy techniques are fascinating.

  1. Would it be helpful to learn another language for this exchange? 

It was useful to practice phrases that are used locally, but really the official language spoken there is English so it was really simple to get by.

  1. How did you finance your study abroad experience?  

I received a $3000 travel scholarship for the trip; aside from that, I used my regular OSAP bursary money; need-based award money; and family-provided educational money.

  1. Is there any other helpful information you would like to share with future study abroad participants?  

I would mostly like to encourage them because the rewards are steep and it's important to consider the holistic education that studying abroad absolutely offers.

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