A sample of the hardware that students participating in the program accessed. The computing technology came prepped with the necessary software to complete program requirements.

Computer Loan Program Executed at U of G

A computer loan program in the School of Engineering has helped dozens of students with remote learning.

In spring 2020 when the widespread impact of COVID-19 became clear, the School of Engineering (SOE), like all other academic areas at U of G, shifted its learning to a remote format. That brought with it a significant challenge: How would engineering students access the software and hardware necessary to complete their coursework?

A New Discovered Catalyst Has Potential to Directly Transform Food and Agricultural wastes into Gasoline

Researchers at the Bio-Renewable Innovation Lab (BRIL) at the School of Engineering of the University of Guelph have discovered a ternary 3D composite that has the potential to be much less expensive and more efficient for many industrial applications, including bio-energy and refining, polyolefins and plastics, energy storage as well as petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing sectors.