Beth L. Parker, PhD, LEL

Parker, PhD, LEL
Professor, NSERC Industrial Research Chair - Hydrogeology
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 ext: 53642
School of Engineering, Room 3503

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Research Interests

  • Groundwater contaminant transport and fate
  • In situ remediation of groundwater systems
  • Field instrumentation in aquifer and aquitard regimes
  • G360  Institute for Groundwater Research
  • The University Consortium

The G360 Institute Thrusts

  • Bedrock groundwater resource characterization and monitoring
  • Source water protection, water resource management, and risk analysis
  • Groundwater contaminant plume transport and fate in heterogeneous sand and gravel aquifers, fractured rock and clayey aquitards, process evaluation, and contaminant plume co-mingling and internal architecture
  • DNAPL source zone evolution and effects on plume behavior in fractured sedimentary rock
  • Aquitard integrity for source water protection and waste isolation
  • Innovative high resolution discrete fracture network field methodology for site characterization, monitoring and process-based predictive modeling
  • Organic and inorganic contaminants, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses
  • High resolution data acquisition, storage and analysis methods for numerical models.

Graduate Courses

  • ENGG 6790 - Groundwater Contamination in Fractured Media
  • ENGG 6910 - Acquitards: Groundwater Resource Protection and Waste Management