William David Lubitz, PhD, P.Eng.

David Lubitz, PhD, P.Eng.
Phone number: 
519-824-4120 ext: 54387
Room 1340

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Research Interests 

  • Investigating and modeling the operation of Archimedes screw microhydro power plants
  • Characterizing and measuring the microclimate within greenhouses
  • Wind, solar and hydro resource assessment and forecasting
  • Design and integration of renewable energy systems
  • Experimental and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study of problems in environmental aerodynamics
  • Reducing the cost and environmental impact of post-harvest grain drying


Undergraduate Courses

  • ENGG*1100 Engineering Design I 
  • ENGG*2030 Traditional Energy Sources
  • ENGG*3080 Energy Technologies and Resources
  • ENGG*3100 Engineering Design 3 
  • ENGG*3180 Air Quality 
  • ENGG*4330 Air Pollution Control
  • ENGG*4580 Sustainble Energy System Design
  • ENGG*6020 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • ENGG*6660 Renewable Energy