Interviewing Work Study Candidates

Interviewing candidates is an important step in ensuring the right fit between student and Work Study experience.


Work Study interviews can be scheduled at any time during the recruitment process, even before the job posting closes. All Work Study approved students are notified of this.


There are two ways to schedule interviews with Work Study candidates:

  1. E-mail the students directly.
  2. Use the Experience Guelph interview scheduler tool from your job posting.
    • The built-in interview module can only be used once a job posting is closed.
    • Interview schedule requests must be submitted a minimum of 3 business days before the first interview date for in-person interviews and at least 4 business days before the first interview date for virtual interviews. This is to allow our team to review, approve, and open your schedule and students to sign-up for an interview slot.
    • If you are conducting virtual interviews: after the Experience Guelph interview scheduler closes you receive a final copy of your schedule and you will need to send students a meeting invitation to their scheduled time. 

Making an Employment Offer

Once you have identified the candidate you wish to hired, move on to Making an Offer and Confirming Work Study Employment.

Experience Profiles

  • Jack graduated from the University of Guelph with a major in History and a minor in Philosophy. He was a Peer Helper and in a curricular context, took multiple experiential courses which were project and research based.