Cheese Making Technology Short Course

New Cheese Maker Certificate Program (CMC):

The Department of Food Science has created a Cheese Maker Certificate program (CMC). 

The CMC will include:

  • Introduction to Cheese Technology
  • At least three of the following courses; each is three days long
    • Introduction to Dairy Fermentations
    • Cheese composition and yield control
    • Cheese safety and quality assurance
    • Cheese ripening, grading, and packaging
  • At least three Master Classes. Each Master Class is three days long and focuses on a particular cheese variety, or family, or technology.
  • A minimum of six months internship in hands on cheese making

Upcoming courses:

Introduction to Cheese Technology - April 2021

Introduction to Dairy Fermentations - June 16-18 2020

Ripened Lactic Cheese - September 14 to 16 2020

If you have any questions about the CMC, please email: