Use and Care of Food Science Building and Facilities

Use of Closed Building

The Food Science Building is closed each weekday by 4:45 p.m. (4:30pm. during Summer hours), and all day Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Graduate students requiring entry into the closed building will be issued a key upon receipt of a deposit of $ 20.00. (This amount will be refunded when the key(s) are returned). Doors of closed buildings must not be propped open and unauthorized persons must not be admitted.
Students using the building when closed will be held responsible for its proper use. Windows must be closed and those on lower level floors secured against entry when leaving.
As the student's work progresses, it may be necessary to have keys for access to areas of the building which will be locked (e.g., labs, storages, etc.). Such keys will be issued by Leona Varga-Lowe, Room 106 only on advice of the Advisor, completion of the Lab Safety form and proof of WHMIS training, and a further deposit of $20.00 per key will be levied.

Use of Facilities

Department equipment and supplies are to be used only in connection with authorized work of the students in the Department. Equipment and supplies must not be removed from the building without approval of the Department Chair and the professor in charge of the equipment.
EQUIPMENT MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM LABS FOR USE IN ANOTHER AREA OF THE BUILDING WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PROFESSOR IN CHARGE OF THAT LABORATORY. EQUIPMENT MUST NOT BE USED WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE PROFESSOR IN CHARGE OF IT (e.g., Universal Tester, UHT sterilizer, freeze‑dryer, GLC, etc.). After use, equipment must be properly cleaned and returned to its customary place, immediately.
Any breakage or malfunction of equipment must be reported to the professor in charge so repairs or replacements can be made.

Good Housekeeping

Being a building where foods are processed and stored, it is very important that all areas be maintained at a high level of sanitation and cleanliness. The building should always be ready for unexpected "tours of inspection" by visitors.

Fire Alarms and Equipment

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the location and method of operation of fire extinguishers. There are two alarm stations in the corridor of each floor. Check their location. The telephone number to call in case of fire is Ext. 2000.

Laboratory Accidents

Immediate attention should be given to remedial measures to counteract the effects of lab accidents such as exposure of eyes, face, hands, etc. to acids, bases, etc. To prevent such accidents, students are required to use the safety equipment provided by the department (safety glasses, gloves, hard hats) when working in chemical or processing laboratories. OPEN‑TOED SHOES OR SANDALS AND SHORTS ARE NOT PERMITTED in any of these areas. Safety showers are located in various locations throughout the building as well as conventional showers in the Ladies' and Mens' washrooms in the basement.
Medical attention should always be sought. Report accidents as soon as possible to a professor. For medical emergencies call Ext. 2000.


There is absolutely no smoking permitted anywhere in the Food Science Building.