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Bachelor of Science - Food Science Major

Co-op Available

We have both a Food Science Major, a Food Science Co-op Program, the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) - Food Industry Management and the BBRM Food Industry Management Co-op Program.

Food is a multi-billion dollar industry that is influenced by changing socio-economic conditions and evolving agricultural and industrial technologies. As a Food Science student, you will apply chemistry, microbiology and physics to study the processing and development of food products and processes. The program also covers aspects of law, health, nutrition, and security as they relate to food safety and quality. You will obtain hands-on experience in the industrial processes such as pasteurization, sterilization, fermentation, and packaging and apply these to commodity groups such as dairy, meats, cereals and beverages. In addition, you will gain experience in sensory evaluation and in the development of new food products and effective food safety and quality assurance programs. Communication skills are also emphasized to help ensure success in your future career.

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For information on entrance requirements or admission, contact: 
Bonnie Lasby Program Counsellor 
519 824 4120 ext 53049 

For information on program content or course offerings, contact: 
Professor Douglas Goff 
Dept. of Food Science 
Professor and Departmental Undergraduate Advisor 
519 824 4120 ext 53878 

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