John Koo, MBA '20 | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

John Koo, MBA '20

John Koo


John Koo, MBA candidate (2020)

Current role: VP at PH Food Company
Work/life balance: Real estate investor, entrepreneur, softball junkie.


"I am passionate about the environment and for me it is about changing the world in a more sustainable way. Sustainability is a major challenge, one that matters beyond individual companies. With Lang MBA I want to learn how to develop a forward-thinking sustainability policy in my company and community."


How has the Lang MBA changed your perspective on business?.

The course, Sustainable Value Creation, really changed my outlook on the way I view everyday business practices.  The professor (Dr. Rumina Dhalla) challenged us to think critically about sustainability issues surrounding our society, environment, and the economy.  I learned that as inhabitants of this earth we have an ethical duty, not only to maintain, but to improve what is most precious to us, life.  At the University of Guelph this is our most sacred pledge:  Improve Life – at home, in our workplace and in our community.    

Describe your experience during the on-site residential periods.

Although the in-person residential period is challenging and intensive, it is beneficial as it develops vital skills to work in teams.  In all types of business, it is necessary to collaborate and communicate with different types of people.  The residential program teaches you key team-building knowledge and how to apply this knowledge in the real world. 

How did you find the online learning component of the program? Was it beneficial to be able to continue working at your job during your studies?

Juggling family and a full-time career can make it a difficult decision when you are considering advancing your education.  The online component is challenging but it allows for flexibility during your busy schedule.  The professors are highly qualified and readily available (phone or email) if you have any questions or concerns.