Mission of the ISCG | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Mission of the ISCG

The vision of the Institute

The Institute for Sustainable Commerce will support and advance business sustainability/corporate social responsibility/Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) research and curriculum, circular economy innovation, and community engagement through collaboration, impact and inclusion.

We aim to create an Institute that promotes and generates business sustainability research through its coalition of experts in the field (Coalition for Sustainable Organizations), increases business sustainability related curricular and co-curricular content, and activities, and enhances local and global community outreach engagement, under one umbrella, which will provide a central focus point to give us greater presence and foster a stronger local and global reputation for business sustainability. Institute activities will help us fortify our internal identity and stature for sustainable business at Lang.


The mission of the Institute

The primary Mission of the Institute will be aligned to the Lang Strategic Research Plan.

The Institute will:

  • Act as the hub to facilitate, develop, strengthen, and promote business sustainability related research
  • Increase collaboration for business sustainability related research, teaching and engagement within Lang, across the U of G campus and the broader communities
  • Integrate business sustainability and SDG research and applied knowledge into undergraduate and graduate programming and co-curricular activities
  • Increase business sustainability related knowledge mobilization activities
  • Establish a small grants program to provide funding for business sustainability related research, training of student researchers in business sustainability research, increase industry related applied projects and sustainable development topics.
  • Generate and promote applied research to help our industry stakeholders achieve their corporate sustainability goals.
  • Build a robust global reputation for scholarship in business sustainability for Lang
  • Apply emerging knowledge from research and practice to incorporate sustainability practices into Lang operations