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News related to Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies

Supermarket Shelves

What does the heart symbol mean on food and beverage packaging?

Need to know:

Many brands will use a heart shape on food or beverage packaging, which often leads consumers to believe that the product is heart-healthy.


Health claims on packaging must meet regulatory guidelines, but the heart symbol has multiple meanings.



How does fast-food advertising affect children?

Need to know:

Children are not always capable of understanding between fact and fiction in advertising.

Restrictions to fast-food advertising in Quebec resulted in a significant drop in childhood obesity.

Francophone children have a lower recall rate and brand preference vs. Anglophone children in Quebec.

Theresa Firestone Image

Alumna, Vice President of Shoppers Drug Mart to speak at 5:30 Club

On Wednesday November 23, Theresa Firestone (B.A.Sc. ’78), Senior Vice President, Healthcare Businesses with Shoppers Drug Mart will be speaking to students and faculty during this semester's 5:30 Club at Macdonald Hall. Firestone is responsible for providing overall leadership to several business units within Shoppers Drug Mart including MediSystem Pharmacies, Specialty Health Network, Sanis Health, Pharmaceutical Partnerships and Shoppers Home Healthcare retail outlets. 

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