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Assurance of Learning

As part of the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics' commitment to continuous program improvement, an Assurance of Learning (AoL) system is currently in development to ensure that feedback and information on student learning is being collected in a robust and meaningful way. Lang is committed to delivering high quality business programming, and an AoL system provides a solid framework with which to make evidence-based decisions about changes to our curriculum. Updates and data from the system will be posted here, as they become available.

Currently, there is an AoL committee, with representatives from across the School, that are working on finalizing a system. If you have any questions about this process, or if you would like to be involved, please contact Jackie Hamilton, Senior Manager, Learning, Assessment, Accreditation

AOL Timeline


Timeline of Assurance of Learning Activities

July 2018: Direct Assessment: Develop rubrics for BComm ILO #1 and #3. Indirect Assessment: BComm Survey results and launch GDip Accounting survey

August 2018: Launch Curriculum Mapping Project. Direct Assessment: Plan out communication rubric/assessment for Graduate Programs. AoL Committee Meetings resume

September 2018: Direct Assessment: Finalize BComm ILO #1 and #3 assessments. Design Exec Programs Direct Assessment Plan. Indirect Assessment: Start major level survey development. Finalize response gaps re: Curriculum Mapping Project.

October 2018: Direct Assessment: Build direct assessments for next round of BComm ILOs. Indirect Assessment: revisions for BComm survey. Start planning graduate level surveys/focus groups. Build drafts of Curriculum Maps

November 2018: Direct Assessment: Start data collection for BComm. Have a full draft of Graduate Communication rubric. Indirect Assessment: Field BComm survey for graduating students. Finalize all curriculum maps and investigate different ways to visualize

December 2018: Direct Assessment: Finalize Graduate direct assessment. Indirect Assessment: Finalize graduate focus groups/surveys. Start W19 preparations for AoL.

Winter 2019 Prep: Finalize Timeline for W19. Develop analysis templates/approaches for data collected in F18. Develop Communication Plan for distributing curriculum maps. Book AoL Winter Committee Meetings

Transition to W19 AoL Activitites.