Academic and Professional Skills Development

The University offers an abundance of resources to help students develop skills important for their careers.  Feel free to use the list of links below, as a starting point in your search for ideas and information.        

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies 

  • [This is a general site with links to various events and activities]

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

  • [This is a tool that can help a student determine what skills they have and what skills they want to develop]

Skills Development Workshops and events

  • [Various workshops are listed on a calendar. Clicking on an item in the calendar gives more specific information about that particular item]

Grad pathways skills development course

  • [This is a series of modules on 1. Research and Teaching, 2. Communication, 3. Wellness, 4. Career and Leadership. Grad students can complete them anytime during the course of their program. The idea is to help students prepare for a career after completion of their degree]

CBS Office of Educational Scholarship and Practice (COESP)

  • [This office organizes various activities with a focus on educational scholarship within the biological sciences]

ADR Professional and Career Skills Development

  • [CBS resources including the "Grad Chat Series" presentations]

Career Services

  • [This unit supports, trains and leads students and alumni as they make career and further education planning decisions]

Writing Skills Development

  • [Library Services offers a variety of workshops and programs that are designed to help improve academic writing.  Writing experts are available to help you develop your writing skills – through individual appointments, online resources, workshops, and programs.  English language support is also available]