Graduate Defences



  • Rasmussen, Duncan - MSC.MCB - January 15, 2020
    (Advisor:  Dr. Melissa Perreault)
    Effect of ketamine treatment on neuronal oscillatory activity in the nucleus accumbens and hippocampus in an animal model of treatment-resistant depression.


  • Petrie, Laurenne - MSC.MCB - December 17, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Georgina Cox)
    Construction of a genetic host cell adhesion network in Staphylococcus aureus identifies a novel role for autolysin
  • Prioti, Anonna - MSC.MCB - December 13, 2019
    (Co-Advisors:  Dr. George Harauz, Dr. Steffen Graether)
    Mapping intramolecular distances of 18.5-kDa myelin basic protein variants in membrane-mimetic solvents by Fluorescence (Förster) Resonance Energy Transfer
  • Tilak, Manali - PHD.MCB - December 12, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Nina Jones)
    A comprehensive proteomic and transcriptomic approach to understand novel features of adaptor protein ShcD
  • Sidhu, Navneet - PHD.MCB - December 9, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. John Dawson)
    ADPr-actin trimer is a short F-actin oligomer that binds selectively to F-actin binding proteins
  • Roscow, Olivia - MSC.MCB - November 27, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Baozhong Meng)
    Development of a full-length infectious clone of Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus strain Syrah and production of GFP-tagged and VIGS vectors for Vitis vinifera
  • Randall, Connor - MSC.MCB - November 26, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Marc Coppolino)
    The role of Syntaxin-4 N-terminal peptide interaction with Munc18c in cell-matrix adhesion and front-rear polarity during cell migration
  • Yen, Sandi - PHD.MCB - September 25, 2019
    (Co-Advisors:  Dr. Emma Allen-Vercoe and Dr. Marc Aucoin)
    Impact of parenteral antibiotic therapy on microbial and metabolic relationships of the preterm gut microbiome as in vitro community cultures
  • Khan, Haider - MSC.MCB - September 11, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Terry Van Raay)
    Investigation of the Role of Nkd1 in Wnt Signaling
  • Worthington, Paisley - MSC.BIOP - August 30,2029
    (Advisor:  Dr. John Dawson)
    Using existing assessments to track longitudinal development of students' problem solving skills
  • Rowlands, Hollie - PHD.MCB - August 30, 2019
    (Advisor:  Dr. Joseph Yankulov)
    Nucleosome assembly pathways, Rrm3p and phosphorylation of CAF-I contribute to the maintenance of silent chromatin at the FLO genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Tempelhagen, Laura - MSC.MCB - May 17, 2019
    (Advisors:  J. Wood and S. Seah)
    Increased ubiquinone content confers respiratory protection to Escherichia coli under osmotic stress
  • Mann, Evan - PHD.MCB - May 9, 2019
    (Advisor:  C. Whitfield)
    Export of bacterial O-antigen polysaccharides by ATP-binding cassette transporters
  • Vatta, Maritza - MSC.MCB - May 9, 2019
    (Advisor:  R. Merrill)
    Application of plant extracts as antimicrobials against Streptomyces scabies and characterization of the DNA-binding motif in Scabin toxin
  • Chun, Joshua - MSC.MCB - May 8, 2019
    (Advisor:  A. Clarke)
    Investigating the interaction between lytic transglycosylases and Ivyp1 & Ivyp2 in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Mehrpouyan, Sahar - PHD.MCB - May 6, 2019
    (Co-Advisors:  M. Emes / I. Tetlow)
    Post-translational regulation of starch synthase IIA, a key enzyme of starch biosynthesis in maize endosperm
  • Mallette, Evan - PHD.MCB - May 1, 2019
    (Advisor:  M. Kimber)
    Structural and functional characterization of the aminoacetone utilization microcompartment from Mycobacterium smegmatis MC2 155
  • McLaughlin, Michael (Shayne) - MSC.MCB - April 24, 2019
    (Advisor:  A. Bendall)
    Investigating Dlx and Zbed1 protein interactions during cell cycle progression
  • Dutta, Nikkita - MSC.MCB - April 17, 2019
    (Advisor:  N. Jones)
    Investigation of Dok1 and Dok2 as novel modulators of focal adhesion dynamics in kidney podocytes
  • Boddington, Kelly - PHD.MCB - April 12, 2019
    (Advisor:  S. Graether)
    The role of a Vitis riparia dehydrin in protecting DNA from oxidative stress
  • Larson, Shayla - MSC.MCB - April 9, 2019
    (Advisors:  R. Lu & R. Bergeron)
    Identification of genetic markers for stress responsiveness and meat quality in Canadian Yorkshire pigs
  • Demelo, Mitchele - MSC.MCB - April 5, 2019
    (Advisor:  C. Khursigara)
    Identification of a novel interaction between cell division proteins FtsK and MinD in Eschericia coli
  • Tremblay, Olivier - MSC.MCB - March 29, 2019
    (Advisor:  R. Merrill)
    Vorin and Garvin are novel bacterial mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase toxins
  • Sandhu, Love - MSC.MCB - February 5, 2019
    (Advisor:  J. Dawson)
    Characterization of cardiac actin gene editing in zebrafish using CRISPR-Cas9 technology