M.Sc. and Ph.D. Research Topics in MCB ("Brown Bag" Seminars)

Graduate Seminars (Brown Bag) MCB*6500/MCB*7500

All graduate students registered in MCB*6500 and MCB*7500 courses are required to participate in and attend the graduate seminar presentations. 

Grading Form Templates (for faculty use only; submit completed forms to the course coordinator)    Research Proposal   |   Brown Bag Seminar Presentation

F20 Teaching Team:  Dr. Rod Merrill (coordinator), Dr. Terry Van Raay, Dr. Georgina Cox and Dr. Wei Zhang.  

F20 Course OutlineCourseLink will be available to all students who are registered in the course, at the start of the semester.

Fall 2020 Schedule:

Classes will be held online, via MS Teams, on the following five Fridays, starting at 12 noon

September 11, 2020 - Introductory session for all new grad students

October 9, 2020 - Jennifer Holborn - MCB*6500 Dr. Lalonde

October 16, 2020 - Neethu Shaji Saji - MCB*7500 Dr. Khursigara

October 23, 2020 - Mariann Lobbezoo - MCB*6500 Dr. Colasanti

October 30, 2020 - Benjamin Muselius - MCB*6500 Dr. Geddes-McAlister

Past Presentations

Alexandria Kellington - MCB*6500 Dr. Uniacke

Justin Gutierrez - MCB*6500 Dr. Merrill

Brianna Ball - MCB*6500 Dr. Geddes-McAlister

Jordan Hofstra - MCB*6500 Dr. van der Merwe   

Arianne Bermas - MCB*6500 Dr. Geddes-McAlister

Lilianne Gee - MCB*6500 Dr. Geddes-McAlister

Lauren Wensing - MCB*6500 Dr. Shapiro

Jehoshua Sharma - MCB*6500 Dr. Shapiro

Carlie Goodall - MCB*6500 - Dr. Khursigara

Victoria Wilson - MCB*6500 - Dr. Khursigara

Briana Locke - MCB*6500 - Dr. Lu

Victoria Butler - MCB*6500 - Dr. Tetlow

Laura Thompson - MCB*6500 - Dr. Cox

Celine Stoica - MCB*6500 - Dr. Cox

Bayonle Aminu - MCB*7500 - Dr. Zhang

Margaret Smith - MCB*6500 Dr. Graether

Ian Bell - MCB*7500 Dr. Van Raay

Karl Steffensen - MCB*6500 Dr. Dawson

Rojina Samifanni - MCB*6500 Dr. Bendall

Genya Gorshtein - MCB*6500 Dr. Coppolino

Noah Phippen - MCB*6500 Dr. Jones

Blake Morey - MCB*6500 Dr. Merrill

Edicon Tze Shun Chan - MCB*6500 Drs. Seah & Zhou

Tanisha Teelucksingh - MCB*6500 Dr. Cox

Alexander Anderson - MCB*7500 Drs. Coppolino & Clarke

Kyle Pimentel - MCB*6500 Drs. Clarke & Coppolino

Monika Jesionowska - MCB*6500 Drs. Nassuth & Mullen

Nadine Abraham - MCB*7500 Drs. Seah & Zhou

Qi Liu - MCB*6500 Dr. Zhang

Olivia Bebenek - MCB*6500 Dr. Uniacke

Owen Hebb - MCB*6500 Dr. Colasanti

Brodie Buchner-Duby - MCB*6500 Dr. Ryan

Sarah Vancuren - MCB*6500 Dr. Allen-Vercoe

Jenna Kerry - MCB*6500 Dr. Uniacke

Norris Chan - MCB*6500 Drs. Nassuth & Tetlow