Centering Students

The primary objective of this program is to improve students’ ORS service experiences, and the best way to do that is by ensuring that students' needs and expectations are centered throughout (and beyond) the change process.

With the goal of entering into partnership with students, the program team is engaging in significant consultation with prospective, current and past students, to find out from them what exceptional service from ORS looks like.

Consultation efforts to date have included:

  • Reach-outs to the leadership of each of the Primary Student Organizations, to invite each to work with the program team to arrange focus group opportunities for their constituents;
  • Six (6) student focus groups, facilitated with student representatives from the Lang Students Association (LSA), Central Veterinary Student Association (CVSA), Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College (SFOAC), Graduate Students' Association (GSA), Off-Campus University Students (OCUS) and Guelph Black Students Association (GBSA) groups;
  • Surveying in the University Centre courtyard to solicit student feedback on their experiences with ORS and hopes for future service;
  • Program introduction and consultation solicitation at the December iteration of the Student Leaders and Administration Meeting (SLAM);
  • Surveying of prospective students on their communication experiences with the University;
  • Recruitment of student leaders to provide on-going input through the Program Steering Committee; and
  • Exploration of the creation of a standing student advisory board, to help ensure that the new service centre and team continue to best meet students' needs.

In addition to these steps to learn from and involve prospective and current Gryphons, a significant review of existing research and literature has also taken place, to better understand students’ needs, expectations and service experiences and to learn more about one-stop shops at other institutions. While limited Canadian research exists, how Registrar offices can best support students has been more fulsomely studied in the United States and that research provides important insight.