Colleague Web UI 4.5 and Colleague UI 5.2

The Colleague Web UI 4.5 application and the new Colleague UI 5.2, along with WebAdvisor, are the means by which departments can interact with Datatel's Colleague Student Information Systems. Typically, departments will have two Colleague accounts associated with their administrative staff. The Colleague database and servers are maintained and administered by University Systems on behalf of the Office of Registrarial Services (ORS). Colleague Users having difficulties with the web interface should contact CCS Help by telephone at x58888 or by email.

Support for the Colleague Web UI 4.5 is expiring. Staff are encouraged to access the Colleague database through the new online, web interface, Colleague UI 5.2.

You need a valid account on Colleague to access the application.

The following are memos from CCS, University Systems that explains the changes in more detail.

March 17, 2017 memo

to ALL Colleague users

Link to UI 5.2

It came to our attention that in UI 5.2,  the Quick Tour video could not be viewed. After some research, we have discovered that you need to clear your browser cache.  Once you do that, you should be able to view the video.

Also, if you relied on the Search History, or kept track of your screens using Favorites, these are not copied over to UI 5.2.  So, you may want to take a screen shot of the all the screens you use in UI 4.5 using Internet Explorer, to get a list of screens that you go to.

Some of you may have problems getting into UI 4.5 using IE, and I will remind you that you need to allow pop-ups from the '' server.

Mark Taylor

Colleague Admin

March 14, 2017 memo

To All Colleague Users                                                                                        

Colleague UI 4.5 (aka WebUI) is being phased out.

Current versions of Chrome and Firefox do not support Silverlight and thus will not work with Colleague’s UI 4.5. We are starting to see this new version of Firefox being updated on campus and this is creating access problems to Colleague. We do not recommend use of outdated/unpatched browsers as a workaround for this issue. Note, you can still use current Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 with Colleague version UI 4.5.

Ellucian has distributed a new user interface for access to Colleague called UI 5.2. This new interface can be used in browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Please note that the look and feel of this new interface has changed and I urge you all to review the ‘Quick Tour’. (details below).

Here is the link to Colleague UI 5.2

1) The ‘Quick Tour’ can be found under the ‘?’ on the left side.

2) When you are finished with Colleague, please ensure you logout and do not simply close the browser. If you do not logout of Colleague, then your old session remains active for a little while which takes up a database license. Note that the logout selection can be found in the menu under the ‘gear’, as well as in the menu under the Person icon on the left.

3) If you are running a process that has output going to the printer, there is an issue using the new UI 5.2. When you are changing the printer option to send a printout to the ‘_HOLD_’ directory, you MUST press ‘ENTER’ on the keyboard, or ‘TAB’ to the next field for the _HOLD_ selection to take affect. If you simply change the print option from ‘P’ to ‘H’ and click on save, the document will NOT go to the _HOLD_ directory and the output will not go to a printer. You will lose your output. Ellucian is aware of this problem and is working on a solution.

4) If you are a Colleague user who links documents with ImageNow you will have to continue to work with the current Colleague UI 4.5 (WebUI) using Internet Explorer. Work has started with setting up the link from UI 5.2 to ImageNow in our test system, but the solution is not ready for production. Once we have this worked out, we will contact you when the switch will take place. At that time, you will have no choice but to move to UI 5.2, so I urge you to a least become familiar with UI 5.2 as soon as possible.

We realize that change can be disruptive, but we recommend that Colleague users take the time to learn the new interface before the old version no longer works with any browser. Thanks for your patience and support of this change.