Class Lists

What Class Lists are:

The Class Lists project is an initiative by the Office of Registrarial Services. Our goal is to provide content for grade books and to facilitate the return of final grades to the ORS in electronic format for import to the Colleague student information system. Class List data is a snapshot of Colleague course section data aggregated into a single course file (or individual sections as required).

What Class Lists are not:

Although the Class List site derives its information from the Colleague Student Information database, Class Lists are not part of Colleague or WebAdvisor. Class Lists are not "real time" data. They are updated once per week Monday morning, though they will often update once daily during course selection periods.

Applying for a Class List Account

Please see the Access Request for Class Lists page.

Accessing Class Lists

For users, the Class Lists can be accessed at

WinMarks and Class Lists

Access the winMarks Project on the Department of Chemistry Website

More Information

More information about Class Lists can be found on the Class Lists FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.