Class Lists - FAQ

The FAQ was last updated in September 2017.

Please contact with any concerns.

How do I get a login account?

Development staff, departmental staff, faculty and sessional instructors may apply for a download account.

Only those who are deemed responsible for uploading final marks will be given upload access.

Please see the Access Request for Class Lists page.

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How long does it take to get my account activated?

Please see the Access Request for Class Lists page.

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How do I get help with grade uploads?

Make sure that you login to the Class List site. If you have permission to upload final grades then you can check out the help links and contacts for grade uploads, D2L and WinMarks.

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How Do I Upload Final Grades?

For those people designated to upload class lists with final grades, a menu for "Final Grade Submission" will be available. The "Upload" link will start the upload process. The other links provide additional information and help about the process.

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What does "Rev" stand for?

The "Rev" data column stands for "Revision", the version of data you are currently looking at for the semester. We plan on having weekly revisions of data per term culminating in a final list on the first Monday morning after the last day of classes. We used to look for the final REV. number before we would allow a grade upload; we no longer require the class list to have the final rev number for the semester, but other processes may require it.

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How many revisions are expected during a semester?

The timing of the class list revisions is once per week, updated Monday mornings between 5:00am and 5:30am.

On the Monday following the last class day the final class list for grade uploads is posted. You can use a previous version if you wish, as any version produced after the last day to drop classes should be substantially accurate, but officially the students listed in the final revision of the class list are the students whose grades must be submitted.

For the fall semester there are one or two more revisions inserted because there are separate course selection periods for returning students and new students. Returning students select courses during the previous winter semester and new students select courses in July.

There may be other unscheduled revisions to accommodate changes in the registrarial timelines or to address any problems encountered.

Precise dates for the start of the updates are not available in advance as timings do change slightly within any given semester, though it is fair to assume that they will start prior to the beginning of course selection for a given semester and continue weekly thereafter.

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I have forgotten my password and/or How do I change passwords?

The authentication uses the University of Guelph central login and password. If you have forgotten your password then you will need to contact CCS and follow their password reset protocols.

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Why can't I import class lists into Microsoft Excel?

Actually, you can import class lists as text files into Excel. If you import lists into Excel remember to import each field as a text field. If you import the Student ID field as "general" or as a number then it will lose the leading zeros which are required in the Colleague database for a valid Student ID. Remember, for grade uploads, we only accept Winmarks or WebCT formats.

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Can I download lectures?

Yes. Though, technically, lectures do not exist on Colleague. Everything is built from the course section. Before we post the Class Lists we assemble the 'lecture' based-on the course sections has we call that a 'lecture'. If a section has no lab or seminar component then the section number is synonymous with our 'lecture' number.

All 'lecture' enrolment lists are always available for all courses.

If multiple sections exist for a course, an 'Entire Course' list is available as well. As expected, this is all of the students for that course regardless of section (including if applicable lab/seminar). For really big courses, these will of course take a while to display as a web page.

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I am in the right area, why can't I find the class or section that I need?

In some cases, the information is not available at the time of publishing (Monday morning, each week). Until students are enrolled in a course or section, it is not displayed. Sections that are added late, or courses that are empty until after registration will likely not be included until the revision after the Add period has ended. This can be the case with graduate level courses or senior undergraduate courses.

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In what file formats can I download the class list?

Once you have selected the course or section you wish then you can click on one of two file formats to download the files. WinMarks and the E-mail format is a text file with one email address per line.

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Why are hardcopy lists organized differently from the website information?

When courses are published on the class lists web site, they are released in several levels of organization:

  1. If a course has multiple lecture sections, we create a "All Students" listing. This is everyone in the course, with colleague section information. For an example, look at HIST*2000.
  2. A course always has a lecture level, where the "Lecture X" lists are displayed. All students in one lecture are in the same list. When necessary, these are combinations of all sections (number XY) participating in lecture number X. HIST*2601 has only one lecture, so there is a Lecture 01 link and no "All Students". This is because Lecture 01 is all the students already.
  3. A course with section numbers longer than 2 digits has "Section XY" lists. These are the sections directly from colleague. Taking all sections with the same X (first 2 digits) makes up the full list for lecture X. Taking all sections with the same Y (remaining digits - for all but ENGG courses) lists a particular seminar or lab section. HIST*2601 pops up on my computer with Section 0101 through 0105... these will match the sections you were given in hardcopy.

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