Investment Subcommittee - Related Policies

The work of the Investment Subcommittee is informed by the Board of Governors approved policies and documents listed below:

Endowment Investment Policy

The Endowment Investment Policy is the primary technical document guiding the investment of the endowment fund. The policy defines the target asset mix, permitted ranges, benchmarks, asset classes and other general guidelines.

General Endowment Fund Management Policy

The General Endowment Fund Management Policy speaks to the general objectives of the fund and spending or "pay-out" policies. 

Statement of Investment Beliefs and Principles for the Endowment Fund

The Statement of Investment Beliefs is a higher-level principles document and provides overarching statements on the purpose of the fund, its governance, investment process and market beliefs. 

Special Action Policy 

The Special Action Policy provides an avenue through which expressions of concern by University stakeholders regarding specific holdings in the endowment portfolio may be received and considered within the appropriate University governing process.    

Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (Pension Plans)

The Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP) outlines the investment policies and procedures applicable to the assets of the University's three pension plans. The SIPP conforms, and is supplementary, to standards set in the Ontario Pension Benefits Act and related regulations. 

Please contact the Associate University Secretary (Board) for a current copy of the SIPP.