Executive Committee

Executive Committee Terms of Reference

A. Mandate and Responsibilities

This is a standing committee of the Board constituted to act on behalf of the Board with powers of Executive Authority as delegated. The Committee may be consulted by the President for decision in case of emergency or exceptional circumstance. In these exceptional circumstances, the President will seek approval as to the appropriate action/s to be taken. Wherever possible the Committee/s Chair, with principle responsibility for the matter, will be made aware of the situation prior to presentation to the Executive Committee. The decision will be reported for information to the Committee/s and Board at the first opportunity. The Committee will also consider University Strategic Planning and present same to the Board.

B. Membership

(i) Chair of the Board who shall Chair the Committee
     Vice-Chair of the Board
(ii) Chair of Committee/s where the issue originated (non-voting)
(iii) The Secretary of the Board (non-voting)

C. Quorum

It is required in these exceptional instances that the full voting membership be consulted.

Effective: July 1, 1989
Revised: September 28, 2000
Version: 02