About the Investment Subcommittee

Established in 2013 as a new subcommittee to the Board of Governors, the Investment Subcommittee is assigned the responsibilities of the former Investment Management Committee of the Board of Trustees, including oversight on investment of the Heritage Trust endowments as well as the University's General Endowment assets (via the Finance Committee). 

Heritage Fund Endowment

The Investment Subcommittee of the Board of Governors oversees the investment managers, mandates and performance standards related to the investment of the Heritage Fund. 

University Endowment Fund

The Board of Governors, through its Finance Committee, has delegated investment guidance of the University’s Endowment Fund to the Investment Subcommittee. Policies, capital protection and ongoing attention to investment performance are given oversight through the Finance Committee. Allocations from these endowments include support for scholarships, bursaries, chairs, and research activities.