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The Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UAIC) is a resource centre for undergraduate students. UAIC Peer Helpers are available to assist students in obtaining general information on undergraduate policies and procedures through email and in person. UAIC Peer Helpers (located on the 3rd floor of the UC, off the north elevators) provide students with appropriate referrals should they require more detailed academic information. The UAIC site includes helpful links to supports and resources, including:

  • Bounce Back (a support program offered in the winter semester for students in the first year of their undergraduate degree who earned an average of less than 60.00% in their first semester on campus.)
  • List of Program Counsellors
  • List of Faculty Advisors
  • Quick Facts (fact sheets on topics such as Academic Consideration, Deferred Privileges, Dropping a Course, Probation, Required to Withdraw, Personal Care, Required to Withdraw, etc.)
  • Links to Academic Supports, such as:
    • The Academic Integrity Website/ an on-line tutorial; Academic Support; Help Rooms for selected courses in Mathematics and Statistics, Computing and Information Science, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering;
    • the Learning Commons which supports students in their learning, writing, research, numeracy and use of technology;
    • the Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning website which  provides opportunities to improve numeracy and quantitative reasoning skills to overcome insecurities around dealing with numbers.
    • The Science Commons, a “one-stop learning” resource centre on Level 3 of the McLaughlin Library that offers one-on-one help to students in mathematics and statistics, physics and chemistry courses. It is staffed by teaching assistants from high-enrolment and challenging courses.
    • Supported Learning Groups (SLGs) are peer led study groups that help students navigate challenging course material and show them new ways to approach difficult course concepts.
    • Tutoring directs students to information about finding tutor services in the appropriate area of study.
  • University of Guelph Mathematics Post Secondary Preparation Package (MP3) is a preparation resource for students taking university-level math-based courses.

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