I am appealing the decision of the Admissions Review Committee to deny my re-admission application

You may apply to for re-admission to a program after:

  • being Required to Withdraw because of your academic record, 


  • being Suspended from the University due to a finding of Academic Misconduct

In order to do so, you must apply through Admission Services (undergraduates) or the Office of Graduate Studies (graduate students) for re-admission.

Readmission to a program is not automatic, and different programs have different criteria for re-admission.

If you were Required to Withdraw, you may have been required to undertake some academic upgrading or meet other conditions set by the program in order to apply for re-admission.

See your program counselor, Admissions Services, or the Office of Graduate Studies for more information regarding the process to apply for re-admission.

The denial of an application for re-admission may be appealed to the Petitions Committee, but only on very specific grounds. The Petitions Committee has the jurisdiction to:

  • review a decision of an Admissions Sub-committee, or the Admissions & Progress Sub-committee on readmission to a program, only if the basis of the appeal is procedural unfairness or bias on the part of the Admissions Sub-committee or Admissions & Progress Sub-committee.

Any decision letter/ email you received from the University regarding your application for re-admission must be included in the documents you submit for your appeal.

If, after reviewing the relevant policies, you wish to proceed with an appeal, contact Student Judicial Services at judicial@uoguelph.ca for more information.