Why or when should I see a program counsellor?

The following are some examples of situations where you would consult with one of your Program Counsellors (please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list of reasons why you may seek the assistance of a program counsellor):

Topic Explanation
Academic Consideration if you require academic consideration due to medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds
Academic Standing if you have questions about your academic standing (eligible to continue, probation, required to withdraw)
Course Selection if you have any questions about courses you should or would like to take
Internal Program Transfer if you are considering changing degree programs you may wish to speak to the program counsellor for the degree you are considering making an application to
Late Add if the Add Period has ended and you wish to change one of your courses
Late Drop if you missed the deadline to drop your course and you wish to try to drop it late
Letter of Permission if you wish to take a course at another University for credit towards your University of Guelph degree
Schedule of Studies if you have questions about what courses you are required to take to satisfy requirements for your degree program

If for any reason you feel that you cannot talk to one of your Program Counsellors you may contact the Associate Dean (Academic) for your College/degree program.