Required to Withdraw Information

Required to Withdraw (RTW) is the Term Academic Standing assessed when a student is not allowed to continue in their studies at the University of Guelph based on academic achievement/average. Students are notified of this by Enrolment Services via their University email. The Term Academic Standing is also on the student's WebAdvisor account (login and go to Students Menu --> Academic Profile --> Current Academic Standing).

The following links provide students who have been RTW with information that is relevant to their academic situation:

Any student who has been Required to Withdraw is advised to seek information and/or assistance from their Program Counsellor as soon as possible. [ A degree program may have specific requirements you need to satisfy if planning to apply for readmission to it in a future term/after an RTW decision. Your Program Counsellor will be able to share that information with you or point you to where they post it online, for example B.Comm. at and B.Sc. at . ]

Students who receive student assistance funding (i.e. OSAP) should also seek information from the Student Financial Services website at